Brochures are advertising pieces mainly used to introduce a business and inform the target audience about products and services on offer. Brochures are generally distributed by hand, post or placed in brochure racks.

Stunning Design

Use a good Graphic Designer to design your brochure.

Deliver your message quickly

Most people never get beyond a brochure’s first page, so make sure your core message is on the front!

Be factual

Potential customers need to know exactly what’s included in your proposition, products, features, prices, hours – ambiguous statements will get you nowhere and lose your credibility. So make sure to use clear messaging in your brochure and rope in a content writer if required.

The best images possible

No file is too big! Clean sharp images can say more about your business at glance than 100 words. Make sure you use attractive, high-resolution images in the brochure.


Consistency is key! Your brand is the most important thing, make sure your logo and brand are clear, even when the brochure isn’t there, they must remember!


Thinking of creating a brochure? Check out our brochure printing options. We offer free shipping across New Zealand.

We also have an in-house graphic designer if you need one.