About Virtual Print

VirtualPrint is the quintessential example of New Zealanders innovative thinking and ‘can do attitude’.

As a true grass roots company, VirtualPrint has been built from the ground up with hard work, good technology, and most importantly best practices.

Having worked in the print equipment industry for most of our careers we realised there was opportunity to put some reality back into the cost of print. By deliberately creating VirtualPrint to exist without a physical store front and investing in automation we are able to pass on significant savings to our clients.

VirtualPrint truly believes, and can demonstrate, that cost savings do not have to come at the expense of quality.

With our equipment, expertise and speed we could be just down the hallway, in fact we could be virtually anywhere.

Chris Mackenzie – As an owner of VirtualPrint I am all things to everyone! I have had many years in sales and sales management and treat VP as that, a sales organisation that sells and delivers print and marketing solutions. With my sales background and eye for detail, call me anytime for some help or advice!

I spent nearly 20 years in sales and sales management selling the same high end digital equipment we use here everyday and decided it was time to setup our own business.

However it struck me sometime ago, looking at our machines, talking to clients on the phone that things haven’t really changed that much. I’m still selling, working as much as I did before and still, surrounded by machines that put coloured marks on white paper!

I love it, what else could I do!

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