Booklets and Books

Book and Booklet Printing

Tell YOUR brand story with stunning books or booklets.

We pride ourselves on producing engaging magazines, booklets and catalogues for clients who need to present larger amounts of information to an audience.

Well-designed and printed books and booklets are perfect for advertising, marketing and public relations. They’re also a brilliant opportunity to showcase your company’s brand values in publications like company reports.

Let’s Get Creative!

At Virtual Print, we believe there’s massive potential for being innovative and creative in this area of business communication. We love helping businesses bring their brand stories to life in this way. In an increasingly digital world, people love the experience of interacting with real physical products.

We’re a full-service company, so we can help you with everything from design to printing.

We love a challenge, and we have vast experience in delivering quality printed books and booklets to our clients.

Questions? Get in touch with us. We service Auckland, Wellington and all of New Zealand.

Contact Us.

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