Despite the ever-so digital age that we operate in, classics like a good looking business card always add that extra touch to your brand identity.

It’s a great way of exchanging information with a prospective client or a business partner, and leaving them with a good first impression and a lingering memory of your brand. It’s also much easier than exchanging contact information on your phone or a piece of paper.

Thinking of getting business cards printed for your brand? Here are some design ideas to get inspired by.

1. Minimal and Colourful

This good looking double sided business card is minimal with a clear white background which focuses on the brand logo, but also incorporates a colourful fun element to it in the shape of the logo, leaving a person with a lasting memory of the brand identity.


2. Tasteful and Subtle

This subtle looking business card uses the brand colour in different shades, with a nice textured background. The watermark emphasises the moto of the brand “Live up” beautifully, without overdoing it.


3. Artsy and Creative

This artsy business card beautifully demonstrates a photographer’s profession with a lovely sketch. A creative business card for a creative profession.

4. Edgy and Distinctive

This is a great example of a distinctive and edgy business card design that uses items from a beauty salon to create the word “Salon”. It is so unique and and likely to stand out in a bunch.


5. Stylish and Classy

This stylish looking business card does a brilliant job of using brand colour to make a statement. The gradient usage of colour, logo and text have been implemented amazingly well to create a classy brand image.


6. Royal and Ornate

Image sourced from Dribbble

The use of black and gold on this business card design gives it a gorgeously well-crafted and luxurious look. It’s the perfect fit for a high-end brand that want to stand out from others.


7. Fun and Playful

Image sourced from Pinterest

The fun and playful business card for a freelancer specialising in events, styling and creative direction showcases creativity and originality in a great way.


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