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Business Card Printing

A good business card creates a great first impression about your business. They are also convenient for exchanging contact information and for networking.

The standard size for printing business cards is 90mm x 55mm.

Our Pro Digital stock smoothness gives fine quality for uniform toner adhesion and provides sharp printing results. Advanced surface feature has appropriate resistivity and effective toner affinity, both, liquid (electronic) and dry toner.

The paper stock we use for printing business cards is –

  • ECF – Elemental Chlorine Free – Pulp bleached without the use of chlorine gas
  • ISO 14001 – The International Organisation for Standards
  • WMF – Well Managed Forests

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Tips For Business Card Printing


Design & Information

If you have a substantial amount of information that you want to add to your business card, then a double-sided business card will work best for you. You can use the front for a great impact leaving design and use the back to add in your contact information. Some basic information to add is your name, contact information (phone number, website, email), address if you wanting people to visit you and your brand/company name.


Paper Stock & Lamination Type

A 350gsm card stock is perfect for business cards and produce high quality business cards. You can get your business cards laminated with a glossy finish or a matte finish.

Glossy business cards are great if you want to make the colours really pop. They also look great in photographs and last longer.

Matte laminated business cards give you a smooth and subtle look. It works great with subdued design elements, and is perfect for business cards that have a lot more text in them.


Size and shape

Traditionally, business cards are 90 x 55mm and are rectangular in shape with either a square or round corner. However, if you are wanting to experiment with your business card, you could choose a unique shape that represents your brand, or occupation in an interesting manner. After all, business cards are meant to leave a lasting impression and stand out in a bunch.



How many cards you should print completely depends on your industry, job and designation and how often you are likely to use your business card. With Virtual Print, you can choose to print anywhere between 50 business cards to 2000.


Need some inspiration? Check out some great-looking business card designs.


Our business card printing services are available across NZ.

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