Thinking of getting business cards printed for your business? Here are some tips on how to make your business cards a success.


Use a good Graphic Designer.

Be Remarkable

Choose an eye-catching design, and custom effects that will make your business card stand out from the stack.

Be Organised

Don’t overwhelm your business card with too much information, make sure you have some clear space. Sometimes less is more.

Be Obvious

Your job title and imagery should let your audience know what your business is about within seconds of seeing your card.

Be Branded

Your business card is like a mini-billboard for your business, make sure your logo and other brand staples are present.

Be Accessible

With limited space, include only your most relevant contact info – no need to list every phone number and social profile you rarely check.

Our business cards are sharp! We use high resolution graphics, clean punchy images and top quality stock that other cards won’t feel as good.  With perfected finished business card, your business will be well represented. All these things together, you won’t get a better result!

See business card printing options at Virtual Print. We have an in-house graphic designer if you need one.